February 02, 2022

Easy Aquascaping Projects at Home

Aquascaping is the beautiful art of gardening inside your aquariums. This lets you grow and take care of underwater aquatic plants, letting them thrive along with the marine life in your aquarium. They also add a more natural environment for your fish and help make your tanks look healthier and more vibrant. While aquascaping usually highlights plants and marine life, it can be accented with rocks and driftwood to add further depth to the design.

If you're looking for simple aquascaping projects that you can do for your home in Camella Lessandra Calamba, here are five easy projects that you can do: 

Iwagumi Aquascaping

Iwagumi is a type of natural aquascaping where you focus on rocks and substrate. It's made up of three component rocks such as:

  • Keystone Rock or Oyaishi - A rock that shouldn't be placed in the center of the aquarium. While it is a keystone element, it's typically placed in other parts of the aquarium to honor the imperfections of nature.
  • Secondary Stones or Soeishi - These rocks are prominent fixtures, but they must not be as big as the Keystone Rock.
  • Fujiseki - These are smaller rocks scattered at the bottom to make the design more natural and pleasing to the eye. 

Iwagumi aquascaping applies minimalist concepts and usually has a singular plant or two to three small plants in the tank. It's also recommended to only have tiny fish in the tank so that they don't take away the focus from the rock arrangements.

Dutch Aquarium

The Dutch aquarium is one of the more popular styles of aquascaping. This style is usually more organized and tidy than other types of aquascaping that are meant to replicate nature. Dutch aquariums emphasize the use of contrasting elements in aquatic plants. You are free to mix and match colors, textures, and sizes for your tank. 

Ideally, at least 70% of your aquarium should be covered with plants if you intend to use this method. It's also a bit more high-maintenance than most styles because you have to keep the plants and fishes healthy in your aquarium. You want to push plant-safe fish such as Cardinal Tetras to add elegance to your tank for Dutch aquarium setups.

Jungle Aquascaping 

If you want an aquarium that gives a sense of organized chaos, jungle aquascaping is the best type for you. Plants fill up around 70% to 80% of your aquarium for this setup. Large-leaved plants, wood, and floating plants are the central elements of jungle aquascaping. You can, of course, add a light fish population to your tank but bear in mind that you need to ensure that both the fish and the plants are getting enough nutrients.

Another challenging aspect of this setup is balancing out the plants. You might need to trim them every once in a while to make sure that you are sustaining a healthy population of plants in your aquarium. Jungle aquascaping is one of the most challenging setups, but it's also one of the most beautiful ones to marvel upon once finished.

Amano Aquascaping

Amano or natural aquascaping is a style that took the community by storm in the 90s. It was popularized by the late Takashi Amano, a Japanese aquarist who established the Aqua Design Amano - an aquarium design company. This style of aquascaping incorporates the Japanese aesthetic principle of wabi-sabi which honors imperfection, asymmetry, transcience, and the natural process. Many elements of traditional Japanese gardening influence this style.

The Zen principle of minimalism is also popularly applied to Amano aquascaping. The best elements to have for this style include creeping plants, aquatic mosses, Jawa Moss, and driftwood. This style of aquascaping is excellent for first like Tetras and Angelfish. 


Depending on the aquascaping project you choose, prepare to spend a couple of days just assembling your aquariums and ensuring that all your plants are in place. It's also essential to ensure that you perform regular maintenance on the tanks to ensure that the plants and fish are still thriving. 

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