February 02, 2022

5 Best Makeup Storage Ideas for Aspiring Artists

Makeup is an exciting way to express one's self. Many people love to put on makeup, whether for casual affairs, dinners, or even when you have nothing to do but want to have fun. Keeping a makeup collection can get a bit messy, especially if you have many items. Thus, having an effective makeup storage system is a must even for beginners.

If you're looking for some makeup storages ideas for your home in Camella Lessandra Calamba, here are a few that you can try:

Use Desk Organizers

Desk organizers are a great way to store your makeup. The best part is that you can get them cheap at any office hardware store. Desk organizers are great for storing medium to large palettes for eyeshadow, contour, and highlighters. These organizers also come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your aesthetic. These desk organizers will fit perfectly on top of your desk or vanity, so you won't need to make space for them.

Pocket Organizers for Your Limitless Collection

If you find that you're still running out of space for your makeup collection and don't know where to put them anymore, try using pocket organizers. Granted that you won't be able to put fragile items such as those stored in glass containers in them, you'll have room to store your brushes, sponges, and other essentials. The organizer can be placed on the back of your door or your closet door - either way, you'll still have access to more extra space to store your makeup.

Clear Drawers for Easy Access

If you have a collection of lipstick, glosses, and lip balms - odds are, you'll have a hard time looking for them, especially if some shades are identical. An excellent way to avoid confusion and spot shades easily is by using a clear or acrylic organizer. Not only will it help keep all your lip products safe, but you won't have any trouble finding your favorite shade amidst your vast collection.

For Bigger Space, Use Office Drawers 

The last that you would think of using to organize makeup are office drawers. However, these make for great storage systems for those who have a lot in their collection. Not only do they provide a lot of space for you to store makeup, but you can also establish a system per drawer so you won't have a tricky timing looking for certain products that you want to use. Of course, keep in mind that these also take up a certain amount of space. This is an option to consider only if you have extra room in your room or wherever you store your makeup.

Get a Lazy Susan 

Lazy Susans are great if you have limited space to store makeup and skincare products. It keeps organized, and it's easier to find specific products. Moreover, some have removable bins that you can move around depending on how you want them to look. 


Storing makeup is different for every person. However, one can't deny that a clean and organized storage makes the products look aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it also helps to shorten the time that people spend just looking for a particular product. Overall, it's best to keep your makeup in proper storage to help keep things organized and to lengthen their shelf life by keeping them safe and away from things that might damage them. 

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