February 02, 2022

5 Ways to Create a Zen Space in Your Home

Spending time in a zen space after work is a great way to relax, unwind, and reduce stress. Having a zen area within your home helps calm the senses and soothe any anxiety by having an area to meditate. 

A home in Camella Lessandra Calamba provides enough space for you to create a zen space inside your home. Here are five ways that you can create your personal space for relaxing: 

Soft Lighting 

When achieving a zen space, staying away from bright light is essential. Instead, go for dim lights. It's best to use a combination of different lights such as candle lights and lamps to have complete control of how dark or light the room is. If you're planning to turn your bedroom into your zen space, go for reading lights rather than maps as they give off a more diffused light. You can also go for candle lighting if you want to turn your bedroom into a zen space. 


A zen area aims to promote a relaxing atmosphere where you can relax and meditate. Boost this aspect with aromatherapy. You can use either candles or essential oils for this but what's more important is the scents that you use. There are different scents for different uses, so it's vital to keep these in mind when you purchase scents. You want to avoid citrus scents because they promote stimulation and energy, which is the opposite of what a zen space is for. Instead, go for scents like Lavender because they reduce stress and calm the nervous system. 

Paint with Natural Colors

One of the easiest things to start with when creating a zen space is choosing paint for the room. Go for soft colors that you'll find in nature, such as grays, browns, and greens, as these will help to bring a calming effect to your space. You want to avoid bright, bold, and high-contrast colors. You’ll also want the colors in your area to be as neutral as possible to maintain a relaxed and calming environment.

Simplicity is Key

Essentially, a simple aesthetic is ideal for a zen space. Keep accessories to a minimum. Don't go too overboard with what you put inside the room. Remember that when you're creating a zen area, less is more. The more items you have inside your space, the harder it will be to relax and meditate. If your zen area is your bedroom, avoid adding too many accessories to your bed and your bedside.

Add a Touch of Nature

Adding a plant or two to your zen space will help you become more settled and connected to nature. Plants can help enhance your wellbeing, reduce stress, and be therapeutic. They also improve air quality. Plants such as Dragon Trees and Bamboos are good examples of what you can add to your zen space. 


Creating a zen space within your home will help you relax and meditate, enabling you to regain focus and enhance your well-being. Regardless of where you put your zen space, always remember to retain a simple aesthetic without too much fuss.

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